Case Studies

  • A California-based religious organization wanted to create a centralized information directory, containing contact information from a large number of individual congregations. They decided that Salesforce Non-Profit Success Pack (NPSP) would help improve communication via phone, email and distribution lists to all members of the community. They engaged Espenshade Consulting to work with them on system require­ments. We created a prototype and demonstrated it to ensure that their requirements would be met, and continue to engage with them to collect and reformat the required information in preparation for final import.  
  • An open space preservation organization in Bucks County, PA, run entirely by volunteers, had been using several spreadsheets to track over 17 years’ worth of donations, memberships, and mailing lists. Espenshade Consulting helped define their needs and worked with key volunteers to determine that Salesforce NPSP would be an effective solution. We set up a trial of NPSP, demonstrated how it could be used, and managed the process of creating the permanent account. We collected all of the spreadsheet-based information, reformatted it, and imported it into NPSP. We provided training and documentation, and continue to work with the organization for ongoing support.
  • A Philadelphia-based religious organization needed to replace their database of over 25,000 contacts and 20-year donation history. They chose Salesforce NPSP, and engaged a consultant to migrate the data. Espenshade Consulting provided overall project management for the effort, acting as a liaison and client advocate in order to clarify and refine requirements and to keep track of goals and deliverables. Espenshade Consulting continues to provide ongoing administrative support as the organization expands its use of NPSP.
  • A small New Jersey historic site engaged Espenshade Consulting to convert their address and donation lists into Salesforce NPSP. The results hold information about their 200 supporters and several years of giving history, which they now use for postal and email information and appeals.
  • A historic site in Philadelphia decided to move to the Salesforce NPSP to store and manage contact and donor information. We adapted the Salesforce structure to meet the needs of the organization, imported several years’ worth of various spreadsheets, cleaned up the information to make it usable, created reports to help meet the organization’s contact management and fundraising goals, and documented the setup and ongoing operations. The organization also used NPSP to define and manage fundraising and event campaigns, and to track and manage foundation grant applications.